The Roadie - Beige



- Premium felt in Beige, distressed by fire

- Distressed Japanese grosgrain bow in Taupe, Praline and Mushroom with worn linen patch

- Suede string plait in Chocolate

- Bronze chain trimming

- Chocolate tassel, bronze pendant charms and skull carved bone bead

- Burnt branded patterns (top, back right and brim underside)

- Assorted fallen feather bunch

- 100% silk lining and leather sweatband

- 10 high crown (variations available)

- 7cm wide brim (variations available)

Whatever your measurement, add 1cm to determine your correct hat size. eg head measurement of 57cm wears size 58 hat. Whilst the leather sweatband inside your hat will help mould to your head over time, hats do not stretch. 

Handmade to order and delivered in 4-6 weeks, packaged in travel hat box.

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