Customer Care

At PHYLLi we strive to offer our customers quality handcrafted products constructed from only the finest selected materials. Our leathers, silks and fur felt are among the best available in the world and to ensure that you can maintain the ‘as new’ appearance of your pieces we recommend the following tips and tricks:

  • Store you PHYLLi headpiece facing up in the display box provided when not in use. Never store them in plastic bags or the leather will sweat
  • Dry clean silks to maintain their luxe finish, being mindful of the leather tag as heat can cause this to shrink
  • Store in a place where air can circulate and away from direct sunlight
  • Store in a cool, dry place without any pressure being applied which could cause permanent indentations and deformations which are not covered by warranty
  • Avoid contact with the direct use of hair products, heat, or steam
  • Never leave your hat in a hot car, this will cause the sweatband to shrink
  • Always place your hat upside down, resting on the crown
  • Clean your hat with a clothes brush, spot clean with a soft damp cloth or lightly with 400grit sandpaper

Depending on the material your product is made from, the life and look of it can be greatly affected by the way it is cared for. 

We hope you enjoy your PHYLLi piece as much as we did designing and creating it.