They’ve fanned the fire to a warming blaze, been billy bashed and battered,

Hard days in the sun, when work needs getting done, as that was all that ever mattered.

With their sweat stained band and filthy brim, there were stories to be told, that would never dim. From the country, to the coast, their life well travelled, passed down through generations, new life could be unravelled.

Now embodied with silk and luscious leather, soon to be crafted piece by piece together. For men and women, children too, this hat you’ll soon be wearing, allows confidence to shine through.

From Summer to Autumn, Winter to Spring;
a statement piece for all seasons, that one you’ll never forget to bring.

Our Strickland Collection is tried and true, with sustainably sourced materials, handmade and customised just for you.

All in all,
Phylli Designs was born, from a long-standing generational love affair of both horse racing and fashion, and represents a creative outlet for founder, designer and hat maker, the lovely miss Laura Hall.