I’m excited to design my hat, but I don’t know how to sew?
Let’s face it, the fun part is all about picking out silks, ribbons and trinkets whilst sipping champagne with your pals! Our PHYLLi maker team will be there on the day to shape your hat for you, stitching and assembling your hat as designed by you. Zero sewing by you required!
I would really like to assemble my hat myself, is this possible?
Absolutely! We recommend a one in all in approach to guided hat parties. Whilst our maker team will steam and shape for you, let us know if your party would prefer to assemble hats themselves. We will bring maker packs for each participant! Due to the nature of the delivery style, all participants are required to participate if a guided hat party option is preferred.
Event duration – what if I can’t make it for the full event?
We strongly recommend for the very best PHYLLi experience, all guests are ready to go from the event start time and must be in attendance for the full event. Late arrivals and early departures will not be guaranteed their completed hat at the end of the day, nor will incomplete hats be left with participants. Instead, we do offer to have your hat shipped to you in the coming weeks following the event, shipping costs will be charged to the individual on the day.
What if I feel like designing more than one hat on the day? One neutral one colour, maybe a panama straw too?
Building your hat wall starts here! After all, how often do you get to design your very own hat? If you think you might like more than one hat on the day, let us know in advance by completing your PHYLLi Customisation Form. This way, we can bring additional members of our maker team to assist on the day. If an additional hat was unplanned and decided on the day, of course we can still make this for you! We may just need to complete after the event and arrange shipment at a later date.
I found a ready to wear style on the PHYLLi website that I just love, am I able to purchase ready to wear hats in addition on the day?
A selection of ready to wear styles will be with us on the day! The collection will be available for you to try on for ideas on shape, style and trimmings and also for purchase. Please let us know in advance of any additional styles you are interested in by completing your PHYLLi Customisation Form and we will try our best to bring styles in your size along with us. Please note as all designs are made to order and limited sizes are held in our studio collection, we cannot guarantee all styles availability, however we will try our very best. In the event we do not have a ready to wear style in your size on the day, the full range will be available to you, as made to order and shipped at a later date.