Magic Millions | PHYLLi Hat Bar

In January 2023, we were beyond excited to venture from PHYLLi HQ, to the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast for the Magic Millions Carnival. 

At the request of Katie Page Harvey, we had the most incredible time crafting a collection of Limited Edition hats, available for Magic Millions’ event attendees to purchase and further customise themselves at our very own PHYLLi Hat Bar.

Creating a once in a lifetime retail experience for the Magic Millions x PHYLLi customer, an accessory to be worn for years to come, keeps the magic alive. 🤠

My love of collaboration and celebrating artists came to life in our Limited Edition hat linings, featuring artwork by Jakey Pedro, printed for keeps on our Thank You Cards.

We made new friends, reconnected with old ones, and saw basically the whole of Scone in a different setting 😂because let’s face it, the racing industry (like most industries) is a bit like living in a regional country town #IYKYK.

I look back at the images of this incredible event and smile 😊 as what was achieved in that time was nothing short of spectacular. This event was bigger in every way I could have planned for. It took time for me to personally recover and in some ways, the business is forever changed. I learnt more about my business in two weeks than what I would have in a year, and for that I am grateful. I hope to return again one day! ☀️

But as they say, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Change is as good as a holiday. 🏖️ When life gives you lemons 🍋, make a margarita.🍹

Lucky for all of us, I’m in the industry of making really special hats you wear on holiday, whilst drinking margaritas! 🏝️👒🍹

Enjoy the moments below as we look back at the collaboration that was, Magic Millions x PHYLLi 2023.

I can’t wait for what 2024 has in store ☀️


Big love,



Laura xx





















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