Strickland Olive


Handmade from premium quality felt, the Strickland Hat is a level up from all the rest.

Start your hat collection today or add it to the hat wall. The Strickland Hat puts a fashionable spin on an everyday accessory, a must for the Australian climate.

The hand-shaped crown is medium in height with an accentuated shape, casting a silhouette unique to the Strickland Hat style. With a wide flat brim, extra coverage keeps you protected whilst making a statement.

  • Dimensions 10cm high crown, 9cm wide brim (variations available)

Finished with a 100% silk lining and leather sweatband, your sweatband will mould to your head over time, creating that perfect fit.

**Sizing tip - When measuring your head, do not pull the tape tight as your hat won’t stretch. Hold the tape to how you want your hat to fit.

Whatever your measurement, add 1cm to determine your correct hat size. eg head measurement of 57cm wears size 58 hat. Whilst the leather sweatband inside your hat will help mould to your head over time, hats do not stretch. 

Handmade to order and delivered in 4-6 weeks, packaged in travel hat box.

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