Cross Turban


Handmade from 100% silk, the Cross Turban is an alternative piece to your Knot Turban and just as versatile.

The Cross Turban is designed to have a similar look to a hair wrap, with the ease of styling by being on a band. A great piece if you’re fuss free and don’t want to be rocking an accessory with too much height or detail. Pair with your party dress or jeans and white tee to Sunday brunch.

The silk overlay is removable, so you can take it off and send it to the drycleaners with the rest of your silks. Simply cross the two pieces over, double up the ends of each side, tuck the band in and you’re off again! The leather wrapped band base means your band will mould to your head over time so no more nasty headaches.

Conveniently packaged in a dust cover, your piece will arrive ready to be thrown in that suitcase and stored for safe keeping.

Variations made to order available.

Whatever your measurement, add 1cm to determine your correct hat size. eg head measurement of 57cm wears size 58 hat. Whilst the leather sweatband inside your hat will help mould to your head over time, hats do not stretch. 

All PHYLLi hat are handmade to order in our Scone studio and delivered in 6-8 weeks, packaged in travel hat box.

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